Petface Wild Bird Single Seeds/Straights Range

Brand: Petface

Petface have a variety of single foods which will attract certain species of wild birds to your garden.

Petface Nyjer Seed

Petface Nyjer Seed is a particular favourite of finches and siskins and will attract them and other wild birds to your garden. Nyjer is a small seed which is high in energy and rich in natural oils. This is best fed in a Nyjer seed feeder due to its small size but is also suitable for bird tables.

Petface Black Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Hearts

Petface Sunflower Seeds are high in energy and essential oil. The Sunflower Hearts have had the husk removed to help smaller birds feed more effectively. These are a particular favourite of finches, tits and house sparrows but will also attract other species. Can be used in feeders and on bird tables all year round.

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