Company of Animals

Company of Animals

The Company of Animals (COA) have been developing pet products since 1979 with the aim of improving the wellbeing of pets as well as helping their owners. Their extensive expertise in animal training and behaviour gives Company of Animals a unique advantage to research and develop new products to help resolve pet-related behaviour and training problems, as well as having a great base in which to test new designs and principles of animal training.

COA’s portfolio now boasts over 40 different product ranges including the popular HALTI Headcollar and training lead to take the strain out of walking your dog, Baskerville Muzzle and the revolutionary hand-held Pet Corrector device which interrupts unwanted behaviour by a hiss of air. The CLIX range of training accessories is hugely popular amongst trainers and behaviourists and offers everything from whistles and canvas dummy's to long lines, clickers and treat bags, not to mention toys to give enrichment and fun such as the well-known Boomer Ball.

Company Of Animals Halti Head Collar for Dogs

Halti Headcollar

The Halti Headcollar by Company of Animals is a great way to stop your dog pulling. If you have a large, powerful dog or one who pulls on the lead, yo...
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