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Inspired by the need for tougher plush dog toys, HuggleHounds created their signature Knotties soft toys which continue to be part of their collection today. 

Backed by research and packed with unique technology, cuteness and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, HuggleHounds toys are among the toughest soft toys on the market. HuggleHounds® invented the durable, double-layer Tuffut Technology® lining, identified by its firefly green colour, giving every Tuffut lined toy extra durability and strength. All HuggleHounds®  are embroidered by hand, meaning they are soft and cuddly, yet built to last while complying with the highest safety standards. 

HuggleHounds ranges have extended to include Squooshies cuddly, soft toys, HuggleFleece, Ruff-Tex rubber toys and Natural toys using natural materials so you are bound to find something to keep your furry friend happy.