KONG dog toys encourage play and offer enrichment while helping satisfy a dog’s instinctual needs. Built for durability, KONG toys help to shift unwanted energy to more positive behaviour by giving dogs a mentally stimulating, physical challenge offering on-going engagement. 

KONG offers a wide selection of quality toy and treat products for dogs and cats.

KONG Activity Ball - Dog

KONG Activity Ball

The KONG Activity Ball is a great chew toy for enthusiastic and energetic puppies! The KONG Activity Ball is the perfect toy for puppies with energy t...
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KONG Classic Dog Toy

KONG Classic Dog Toy

The KONG Classic offers enrichment by helping to satisfy dogs’ instinctual need to play and chew. The KONG Classic’s unique natural red rubber formula...
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KONG Easy Treat Liver

KONG Easy Treat

KONG Easy Treat™ is simple to use, tasty and is the perfect addition to a stuffed KONG treat toy. KONG Easy Treat™ is a delicious treat that delights ...
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KONG Extreme Black For Strong Chewers

KONG Extreme Black

The KONG Extreme represents the most durable version of the original KONG toy. The KONG Extreme offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs’ instinctive ...
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KONG Jumbler Dog Toys

KONG Jumbler Dog Toy

Have double the fun with the KONG Jumbler dog toy! The KONG Jumbler is a two-in-one ball toy for twice the interactive fun. The interior tennis ball a...
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KONG Puppy Teething Stick Colours

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

The KONG Teething Stick is the perfect aid to soothe puppies aching gums! The KONG Puppy Teething Stick™ is made with unique KONG Classic puppy rubber...
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KONG Puppy Colours

KONG Puppy Toy

The Puppy KONG dog toy is designed specifically for a growing puppy’s baby teeth. The unique, natural rubber formula of KONG Puppy is the most gentle ...
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