Boots & Paw Wear

Boots & Paw Wear

Your dog's paws take a lot of punishment daily and it's very important to look after them. We have a range of solutions to help you protect your pups paws from common hazards which could damage them including boots, shoes, socks and paw waxes.  Dog boots and shoes have many uses, great for protecting your dog's paws from hot pavements in summer, or grit, salt and ice in the winter. Perfect for dogs with sensitive paws and ideal for outdoor, active or working dogs to protect against rough or uneven ground. They also help to prevent slipping during dog sports or for senior dogs who struggle with shiny floors. They can also cover wounds and shield injuries for dirt and licking.

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots Pair

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots

Hurtta Outback boots protect your dog's paws in difficult conditions and challenging outdoor activities. The Hurtta Outback Boots are suitable for a n...
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Pawz Max Wax Paw Protection 60g

Pawz Max Wax Paw Protection

Pawz Max Wax is a great solution to give your dog's paws all year round protection. Max Wax by Pawz is a simple and natural way to protect your dog's ...
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Pawz Rubber Dog Boots - Tiny Green

Pawz Rubber Dog Boots

Protect your dog's feet from the outdoor elements with Pawz Rubber Dog Boots! The most exciting part of your dog’s day is getting outside for their pr...
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